Jacob Clean PowerPoint Design Template



Jacob Clean PowerPoint Design Template

Jacob PowerPoint template was designed with clean document editing and minimalism layouts.
And, the A4 Size Book Mock-up Slides and the various Device Mock-up Slides that provide a perspective effect will uniquely showcase your design portfolios
These mock-up slides were designed to display images in placeholders through drag-and-drop immediately without running Photoshop.
And tons of infographic design elements are fully editable, allowing for practical adoption of various business presentations.

  • Jacob Clean PowerPoint Template

Features of Communication PowerPoint Design Template

  • Unique Design Layouts based on the Slide Master
  • Perspective A4 Size Book Mockups – Based on the slide master
  • Unlimited Color Scheme
  • Fully Editable White Clay Device Screen Mockup Layouts
  • 130+ Unique and Creative Presentation Slides
  • Multi Purpose and Minimalism Design Presentation
  • Unique SWOT Analysis Layouts
  • 16:9 Slide Screen Aspect Ratio
  • 1920 * 1080 Screen Resolution
  • All Infographic Elements are fully editable
  • Editable Maps


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